Correct maintenance and use of outdoor LCD displays!

Correct maintenance and use of outdoor LCD displays!
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Outdoor LCD display is a kind of electronic advertising equipment that has been operating under high load for a long time. If there is no careful maintenance and correct use, the advertising opportunity under high load operation for a long time will greatly reduce its service life. Next, Marvel will explain its correct maintenance and use method for everyone!

1. Outdoor electronic displays are mostly used in public places, and unstable voltage can cause equipment damage. Therefore, it is recommended to use stabilized city power, and must not share power with high-power equipment such as elevators;

2. Place the outdoor unit in a ventilated, dry, and non-direct light environment. Do not expose the equipment to rain, moisture, rust or oxidation;

3. Do not place the advertising player in a confined place, do not block the ventilation holes, and leave more than 10 cm of heat dissipation space around to ensure normal operation;

4. The switching time is controlled at more than 10 seconds to prevent repeated electric shocks from damaging the components;

5. Plug and unplug U disk and CF card, etc., and use them according to the instructions to avoid damage to the U disk and CF card pins;

6. Before cleaning the screen of the advertising machine, stop using the equipment and unplug the power plug, and wipe with a clean and soft lens cloth. Do not use spray directly on the screen;

7. When cleaning, please use a soft dry cloth to scrub the equipment shell. It is forbidden to spray liquid on the outdoor advertising machine equipment to avoid damage to the equipment.

8. Do not disassemble or repair the outdoor advertising machine by yourself to avoid high-voltage electric shock or other risks. Professional protection personnel should be used to complete all maintenance operations.

In general, only the above aspects, proper operation and proper maintenance, can greatly extend the service life of outdoor electronic display screens.

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